Organic Fertilzers

Organic Fertilzers
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All our Organic fertilizers, produced from the activity of red Californian worm on various organic substrates. It is a high humic acid and nutrient rich content commodity also called Worm Casting, which contains among others potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus essential for flower formation and fruiting.
• It increases crop yield, and protects both the soil and the plant.
• It retains soil moisture, an important property for off-season planting and “dry-spell” risk reduction.
• It aerates the soil, enabling proper root growth, increase in the plant’s rhizosphere and its nutrient uptake ability.
• It encourages the growth of soil beneficial microbes which aid in increasing soil fertility and reduce disease outbreak.
• Coworm also increases soil pH (reduces acidity), increasing soil nutrient availability.
• The worm mucus ensures that extra applied fertilizers are not washed away by rain or irrigation water.
Coworm can be applied on all crops (gardening crops, cereals, tree crops, leafy vegetables etc), however the application rate differs per crop and its application is best from the nursery.
N/B: Coworm is used in combination with minimal fertilizer application. Up to 70% reduction in normal fertilizer application is experienced when you use Coworm (application =Coworm + 30% fertilizer)

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