Industrial Heat Resistant 96% Aluminium Oxide Alumina Ceramic Plate

Industrial Heat Resistant 96% Aluminium Oxide Alumina Ceramic Plate
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1.Raw material: 95% ~ 99.7% alumina optional

2.Colors: White, ivory, pink, black, green, blue optional.

3.Different tolerance level capability via CNC maching, fine grinding and laser cutting.

4.Supporting prototyping need to high volume cost down program.

5.Besides, we offer zircona ceramic plate, silicon carbide ceramic plate. 


It can resistant up to 1650°C, high voltage, wear-resisting,high Hardness, high Strength, no porosity.

Key parameters control capability:

Max. dimensions600mm x 500mmMin. thickness0.30mm
Precision processCNC maching, grinding, lappingMin. tolerance+/-0.005mm
RoughnessBest to be Ra0.025Liner straightness0.01mm
Surface finishPolishing or metallized
Visual quality:1. No cracks,  no dark dots, no contamination and sharp edges;2. Evenly distributed glaze with very smooth surface


It always works as a ceramic lining plate, transtional ceramic plate, circuit board for heating resistant, electrical insulation, high tempreature resistant, in electronics apparatus.

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